Exotic Uses For Mind Control & Hypno-Therapy

The concept of sissification hypnosis may sound new to you, but it is not new. Sissification is not a new term for you, but when this term is paired with hypnosis, it can get you amazing results. It can even lead to the life of your dreams. If you are a Transsexual, Transvestite or Transgender, then you will understand that a process of feminization is known possible with hypnosis.

But before we go through the process of sissification hypnosis with a sissy maid, understand different concepts individually about sissification and sissy maid fetish.

A sissification is a process that an individual undergoes to feel or make oneself more feminine. If you have a hidden charm for the feminine looks and feminine characteristics, and you want your feminine qualities to flourish, then sissification hypnosis is the best and safest option for you.

With sissification hypnosis, you can have the following with sissy maid-

Feminine characteristics in you,

Feel more feminine,

Walk with more feminine gait,

Have an attractive feminine posture,

Or have the soft feminine voice.

Now it’s time to know about hypnosis; hypnosis is a state of mind preferable called as the altered state of consciousness by a sissy maid, almost similar like daydreaming. Hypnosis deals with your subconscious mind. Hypnosis facilitates the change or betterment of that part of your mind that you consciously do not use most of the times, which is called as your subconscious mind.

While you are in the hypnotic state, you are calm, comfortable and relaxed. You are more alert and awake while in the hypnotic state. With hypnosis, you can make the desirable changes at a twice faster pace than any other source or medium.

The hypnosis is a natural state of mind where your subconscious mind is the best aware and fully receptive to the positive suggestions. Hypnosis is the state of empowerment where the individual is open to making and accept the changes in his life.

The scope of hypnosis is not at all confined to any particular topic. Hypnosis can help you increase confidence, boost up positive energy, remove fear and phobia, quit smoking, enhance love and relationships, last but not the least for improving sissification by sissy maid fetish.

The amazing technology of hypnosis enables you to feel the best of your feminine self. It can help you boost up your feminine characteristics. With sissification hypnosis, you just need not feel like a woman, but you can be a woman. This could sound rather desperate for you to accept but it’s true. Your body follows wherever your mind goes.

Physical changes are possible when you are mentally prepared for the modification. Sissification hypnosis enables you to achieve the amazing results. Your mind is one of the most powerful parts of your body, but the full capability of your mind is not at all used. So, hypnosis facilitates the proper use of that unutilized caliber of your mind to get the life of your dreams.

So if you want to achieve total, partial, un-forced, temporary or permanent sissification – sissification Hypnosis is for you. Increase your feminine characteristics sissification hypnosis with the sissy maid. If you are interested in learning more about sissy hypnosis and developing your fetishes check out sissyhypno.com

Secrets Of Mind Control


Hypnosis scares people unnecessarily. For example, many people questions whether or not anybody can control your mind. And the answer is no. In fact, a hypnotist also could not force you to do anything against your will.

A hypnotist can guide you into a hypnotic state. And he or she may make suggestions.

However, you always have the power to reject these.

About Mind Control

Mind control secrets are nothing but the techniques to control your thoughts. You can use these techniques with others too. These techniques can help to boost self confidence, for example, or help with overcoming inhibitions. Here are points about mind control:

1) Mind control secrets are successful if the conscious mind is bypassed and messages are absorbed by the subconscious mind.

2) Our habits and behavior are controlled by our subconscious mind. The new thought patterns and behaviors are built by subconscious mind. When you want to achieve real change, it must take place at a subconscious level.

3) A brief visual message may not be seen by a person consciously, yet it may be perceived by them at subconscious level. Our mind filters the most of the messages we receive every day so they do not influence us. But the subliminal messages by-pass the conscious mind and go straight to subconscious, where they have lasting impact.

4) You are not aware of the messages if they are properly administered. The conscious mind is not affected by subliminal messages; however, the messages have good impact on the subconscious or deeper mind. Overall success of such techniques is debated.

5) Some messages are presented to the listener at the time when he is listening to normal, casual, everyday messages. In short, the sounds of two different types are ongoing at the same time. Experts believe that while conscious mind is listening to the louder sound, the subconscious is working to hear the lower sound message.

In summary, mind control secrets are for an individual’s control of their own thinking, behavior, emotions, or decisions. Mind control secrets are different than brainwashing. Many mind control secrets have focused on physical or torture as principal methods to force victims to do what they do not want to do. Physical torture affects the functioning of the victim’s nervous systems including the brain.

Such methods are subject of debate among psychologists and neuroscientists and sociologists. Different views on this subject do have legal implications. The important question is how much of the messages are perceived? Some think that unconscious signals could be absorbed only if they are simple. While others say that unconscious cognition is comprehensive and hence much more is perceived than verbalized.

Supporters of subliminal messages claim that they gain influence from the fact that they do by-pass the critical functions of the conscious mind. And so ordinary suggestions are not impressive as subliminal suggestions.

See for yourself. Learn more and give easy hypnosis a try to improve your health.

Many use hypnosis techniques for all types of health issues like losing weight, ceasing smoking and other bad habits, replacing them with new, healthier ones.

Mind Control Techniques


Mind Control is done mainly to change the way of thinking of a person. As some impressive personalities can influence the behavior and emotions of a person, this helps to control their mind.

Mind control techniques not only cover psychological ways but also the physical, as with torture. Brainwashing, behavior modification, coercive persuasion, Charisma, hypnosis, love bombing, truth drugs are used as Mind control techniques.

Coercive persuasion is mainly used for changing the attitude towards a specific principle. This can be successfully used for influencing a group of people. For example, when a leader creates an ideology and his speeches are forming impacts on minds of large numbers of people, he is said to be using the Coercive Persuasion. This method is a mind control technique which is used with the people who are aware of their consciousness. These people are perfectly normal and they follow the leader when his principle is accepted by them.

This mind control technique is used for social rehabilitation, training of armed forces, religious movement, elections. The coercive persuasion is also often perceived as an experiment to force people to change their ideas and beliefs.

Take a look at charisma with regards to mind control. Charisma is the word from Greek the means the divine factor.

Some individuals have a capacity to attract other people towards themselves because of their extra ordinary charm and personality; i.e. charisma. They have some magnetic power which tends to cause followers who are listening and changing their ideas. It is not easy to describe the particular quality of personality which has effect on many people’s mind. Charisma is an almost supernatural capacity to influence, persuade the people. The charismatic personality must have many qualities present in one individua, as many people admire these qualities and are obsessed with such personalities. They can do anything he or she (the charismatic person) says. This is done with in their conscious status.

Hypnosis is another technique used for mind control. It is used by the hypnotherapist for his patient. Normally it is used to solve the problems of patient, about which he or she is aware. Hypnosis stresses ongoing dialogue with subconscious mind, which will change inner thoughts of a person.

A hypnotherapist may use many methods for hypnosis. However, hypnosis is always done with the permission and knowledge of patient. Whereas mind control may be possible with repetition of hypnosis sessions.

When an individual is closely associated with others via the bond of love, he (or she) is influenced by this close mate. This often enables the other person to change the behavior of a person. For example, this technique is very useful for the person who wants to quit smoking. The other person simply has to tell him (or her) how advantageous it is for his and others’ health, for instance.

Mind Control techniques can also be used to scare the people. For instance, violence and torture are physical methods often used to change one’s attitude. Terrorists use violence for controlling the activities of people; They get their work done by manipulating the people. However physical torture is not legally permitted nor these similar unethical and illegal ways of using mind control techniques.

Mind Control Tutorial


Mind control is a process of making any individual loose their control over their own thinking and behavior. Many mind control experiments are done through physical force and violence. You should not confuse Hypnotism with mind control. The two are different terms.

Mind control can be enforced by religion, politics, parents’ behavior etc. Mind control has been related to two syndromes. They are Battered person syndrome and Stockholm syndrome. Battered person syndrome is normally associated with women where she kills the abuser who gave her a long term physical and psychological abuse. Such persons will have low self esteem. Stockholm syndrome is referred to the loyalty and affection by the victim to the abuser.

Mind control tutorial offers you to learn more about our mind. There are several researches about solar system, earth and so on. But we have to learn more about our mind. You can learn from mind control tutorial about how people think, how the thinking of others can be affected by words etc. Mind control tutorial helps you to get relief from negative thoughts and to achieve your goal.

Mind control tutorial can be learnt to make a person unaware of what is going on and you can change his mind by step by step process. Some religious leaders use mind control to change the person’s behavior and get such people to possess more commitment to fulfill their desires and goals.

Mind control tutorial may also create a sense of lacking power in man. Some people use this by taking the persons away from normal social activities. This will eliminate the persons’ confidence. The leader will use the situation and make some inner confusion among persons. But they will not allow speaking about such confusions. This will make them obey their leaders’ comments.

Mind control tutorial often lead to behavior control. Behavior control means the regulation of individual’s real behavior. The persons will have to report about their thoughts, feelings to the leader. They will not allow taking any decisions. Only group thinking is allowed.

Information and thought control is also prevailed. The persons are encouraged to spy other members. They will not be able o analyze any matter rationally. They will develop the habit of obeying the leader without any question. They should not ask any critical question about the leader. Anything the persons think opposite to the leader will be considered illegal.

The mind control tutorial also lead to the thinking that if any thing went wrong that is their mistake only and not the fault of the leader. The mind control helps the leader to pass excessive fear and guiltiness in the persons.