Mind Control Tutorial


Mind control is a process of making any individual loose their control over their own thinking and behavior. Many mind control experiments are done through physical force and violence. You should not confuse Hypnotism with mind control. The two are different terms.

Mind control can be enforced by religion, politics, parents’ behavior etc. Mind control has been related to two syndromes. They are Battered person syndrome and Stockholm syndrome. Battered person syndrome is normally associated with women where she kills the abuser who gave her a long term physical and psychological abuse. Such persons will have low self esteem. Stockholm syndrome is referred to the loyalty and affection by the victim to the abuser.

Mind control tutorial offers you to learn more about our mind. There are several researches about solar system, earth and so on. But we have to learn more about our mind. You can learn from mind control tutorial about how people think, how the thinking of others can be affected by words etc. Mind control tutorial helps you to get relief from negative thoughts and to achieve your goal.

Mind control tutorial can be learnt to make a person unaware of what is going on and you can change his mind by step by step process. Some religious leaders use mind control to change the person’s behavior and get such people to possess more commitment to fulfill their desires and goals.

Mind control tutorial may also create a sense of lacking power in man. Some people use this by taking the persons away from normal social activities. This will eliminate the persons’ confidence. The leader will use the situation and make some inner confusion among persons. But they will not allow speaking about such confusions. This will make them obey their leaders’ comments.

Mind control tutorial often lead to behavior control. Behavior control means the regulation of individual’s real behavior. The persons will have to report about their thoughts, feelings to the leader. They will not allow taking any decisions. Only group thinking is allowed.

Information and thought control is also prevailed. The persons are encouraged to spy other members. They will not be able o analyze any matter rationally. They will develop the habit of obeying the leader without any question. They should not ask any critical question about the leader. Anything the persons think opposite to the leader will be considered illegal.

The mind control tutorial also lead to the thinking that if any thing went wrong that is their mistake only and not the fault of the leader. The mind control helps the leader to pass excessive fear and guiltiness in the persons.